Daniel's Review:

Daniel initially scored his right hip pain as a 70/100 and his left shoulder pain as a 50/100.  Using TMR techniques, his pain was reduced to a 5/100 in one session. Permission was given to share this reviews video.

Volleyball Player's Review:

In the following review video, TMR techniques were used on a volleyball player complaining of ankle pain.  Initially, she scored her pain at a 50-60/100.  Using TMR the pain was reduced to zero in one session.  During a follow up 2 weeks later, she continued to be pain-free.  Permission was given to share this video.

Client's Review:

A client gives a review of how TMR gave immediate results.

Patti's Review:

Patti was able to travel 3 days across the country and hike after relief from 10 years of back pain.