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How Is Total Motion Release Different From Traditional Methods Of Treating Pain?

  • A complete body assessment is done to identify restriction throughout the body and all areas of musculoskeletal pain/restrictions are treated.
  • Only movements that do not cause pain are used in the treatment. Movements that cause pain contribute to the chronic pain cycle.
  • You are taught how to quickly realign your body and reduce pain with simple movements. These movements can be easily incorporated into your day.
  •  Movement lessons can easily be taught online.  Evening appointments are available upon request.


Why Does Total Motion Release Work With Chronic Conditions?

  • Most chronic pain is a combination of soft tissue restrictions and the brain being in an hyper-alert state. There are studies that show many people have herniated discs, and arthritis without any symptoms.  Acute pain from injuries/surgeries should mostly resolve by 3 months. After 3 months a total body and brain approach is indicated. 
  • Frequently there are secondary areas of restrictions that are affecting the area of pain. For instance, restrictions in the shoulder could be affecting the low back. When secondary areas are addressed, along with the primary area, you get better results.
  • Traditional methods of treating the area in pain directly can cause increased pain, whereas treating the area indirectly can reduce pain.
  • Simple movements can reduce pain, which then sends signals to the brain to turn down it’s hyper-alert system.
  •  Frequently clients complain of other types of treatments that only last for a few hours, and then they are in pain until they return again. Faster and longer lasting results occur when you are taught which movements reduce your pain, so that you can stay on top of your pain in between sessions. 


  • When you have chronic pain you need a total body approach.   
  • If you have multiple areas of pain or tightness they are most likely related.
  • Total Motion Release focuses on releasing restrictions found through a head to toe assessment. 
  • The releasing of restrictions helps to resolve your pain and restore your function, so that you can get back to the things you enjoy.
  • Total Motion Release teaches the brain how to break out of it’s hyper-alert state.
  • Total Motion Release frequently requires less sessions than a program that only focuses on one area, is simple to incorporate into your day and puts you in control. 
  • 87.5% of people will know on the first session if Total Motion Release will make a difference.  
  • Chronic Pain usually doesn’t go away on it’s own.  The sooner you get to the root cause the less time it will take to resolve the pain.

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Hypermobility (Double Jointed) Can Be A Cause of Chronic Pain

Do you feel frequently out of alignment or have joints that feel unstable?  Do you have pain in multiple areas?

Check out the fact sheet on hypermobility.

Take the self-assessment, whether double jointed or not, to see how many area of restrictions you can find.


Take control of your pain without Pills, Injections, or Surgery

 Do you experience pain that prevents you from working, enjoying your hobbies or taking care of your family?

  • Being out of alignment and muscular imbalances can result in flare-ups and prolong the pain.
  • Strengthening and stretching alone are not sufficient to correct  misalignment and imbalances.
  • Multiple steroid injections can lead to complications like the cartilage breaking down or bone loss. 
  • Surgery can frequently be avoided when treatment involves a total body approach.
  • Long-term use of pain medications comes with a risk of constipation, sedation, depression, sexual dysfunction and addiction.

At DIY Chronic Pain Solutions, LLC we understand chronic pain. Whether you are experiencing back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain or you just want a better way to warm up to avoid injuries, we can help. The location of your pain is not always the source of your pain. Using a total body approach, we help you to identify the restrictions in your soft tissues and gently release them.


The following testimonials are from happy customers.

Working with Leanne has helped me so much. I have scoliosis and a lot of back pain comes with that. However when I started working with Leanne, she has shown me lots of movements to help my back. And I have to say it has helped tremendously. I have gone to physical therapy in the past and I thought it helped. Only for that day then kept going back to hurting again. Leanne’s movements has been very rewarding. I definitely recommend her to anyone who has pain. I look forward to learning more techniques with her. She has been a blessing.


Lisa Allen

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